My Quiche Recipe

Several friends have asked for my recipe for making a simple quiche. There are many out there, but that is usually not what people want: they actually want to see "your" recipe ;)

So here it is!

Things you'll need:

* Freshly made, or ready made dough

* 7 to 9 eggs (depending on size)

* Crème fraiche

* Dash of milk (optional)

* Cooking bacon

* Mushrooms (optional)

* Cheese to grate (e.g. cheddar or emmental)

* Pepper (optional)

Preparation steps:

In this instance, I used short crust dough, but you can also use puffy dough!

You can use either the pre-rolled, or the one you need to spread out yourself, or you can also make it from scratch (which I am too lazy to do ;)!

If needed, spread it out to fit your pie dish...

Place the dough in a pie dish that can go in the oven. Remember to "fork" the dough, especially if using a puff dough!

Preparing the dough

Place dough in pie dish

Cut the bacon (not shown) and mushrooms into small pieces

Cut the bacon and the mushrooms, and cook them in a pan.

Drain the water and fat. Save for later use...

Pre-cook the bacon and mushrooms

Mix the eggs, crème fraiche, and some (rather more than less) of the grated cheese in a big bowl.

Once well mixed, pour onto the dough in the pie dish.

Add in the cooked bacon and mushrooms, spread evenly...

Eggs, crème fraiche, cheese, and optionally a little bit of milk

Pour mix on dough

Add bacon and mushrooms

Spread the ingredients evenly

Add some more cheese. More is better!

Cook the quiche at ~200ºC, or gas mark 7, for hmmm, well, until it looks good!

(Variable depending on the oven... Usually it takes 45 to 55 minutes for mine.)

Cook on mark 7 / 200ºC

Et voilà!